(In PC Format)

(These are the free files. Go to http://www.rainbownerd.com/wargaming/vaipa.html for the commercial Panzerblitz/Panzer Leader variants.)

A file with each variant is listed with the description of that variant. It is a self-extracting Winzip file. Simply download it and then double-click on it and it will unzip itself. The size of the file is listed so that you will know about how long it will take you to download it.

Each file will contain 1-4 items. Most variants don't have all 4. (Note: I use Windows ME. All the following instructions work with Windows ME. Wordpad and Paint come with all versions of Windows, I think. Your milage may vary.)

  1. Background article - This article explains the variant. It is in .rtf format. I chose this format because I could incorporate the graphics, yet it still can be read by Microsoft WORDPAD. Simply doubleclick on the Background file while in Explorer or load up Wordpad and open the file.
  2. Scenarios - The scenarios are in their own sub-folder. Each scenario has its own file. Simply doubleclick on the file while in Explorer and the scenario will appear. Print directly from here and you will get a full sheet version of the scenario. I like this as it allows me to stack my units on the scenario printout.
  3. Counters - The counter file is in .jpg format. They have been adjusted to the correct size. Simply open up the file from the PAINT program. Put all borders at minimum (.25"). Then print them out on whatever you like.
  4. Maps - The maps have their own sub-folder, also. They are in .jpg format like the counters. Print them out just like the counters.
Now, without furthur ado, here are the 23 variants (Please E-mail me if a link doesn't work):

RED BALL EXPRESS - A Hell's Highway (8/44) scenario concentrating on delivering supplies to beleagured units

SITUATION 101 - A German Kampfgruppe made up of Latvians and civilians heads west to surrender to the British before they are cut off and captured by the Russians PANZERBLITZ 1941 - Battles in Russia in 1941 1941 PANZERBLITZ - A river-crossing scenario in Russia in 1941 PARABLITZ - Adds Paratrooper rules on the Eastern Front NEW EXPRESSIONS FOR A FAMILIAR FACE - More battles on the Russian Front with new units THE FORGOTTEN YEAR - Battles on the Eastern Front in 1942 PANSSARI SALAMA - (AKA: Finnishblitz) Battles by the Finnish Army both in the Winter War and the Russian Front DESERT RATS - Allows you to fight those North Africa battles with the British, Italians, and Germans PANZER LEADER IN ITALY - Poles assault the Gustav line PARA-LEADER - Adds paratrooper rules for France, 1940, Crete, Italy, 1943, and France 1944-5 PANZER LEADER 1940 - Allows you to fight battles in 1940 in France with the British, French, and Germans THE PATHS OF ROMMEL - Battles of Rommel's SPOOK DIVISION in France, 1940 DIEPPE: CANADIANS UNDER FIRE - The 1942 raid in France THE BATTLE OF ARRACOURT - Large battle in France, 1944 (A second PANZER LEADER game is required.) TOURNAMENT SCENARIOS FOR PANZER LEADER OPERATION RESCUE - Rescue Patton's nephew from a P.O.W. camp BANZAIBLITZ - U.S. Marines vs. the Japanese BATTLE FOR BERLIN - Russia and Western Allies duke it out for control of Berlin in 1945 PATTON'S WAR - Allies try to push Russia out of Eastern Europe in 1945-46 BATTLES IN GERMANY - U.S. vs Soviets in 1948 CHOPPERBLITZ - What if small helicopters had been developed in time for WWII? PANZER HUNTERS - Tactical Air Support Rules for PANZERBLITZ and PANZER LEADER Return to Mike's Wargame Page